Summer’s End

I’ve almost made it through another horrid long hot summer! I am feeling the change of light on the breeze of autumn coming and it excites me!😍

I’m so tired. The heat depletes me. I’m not feeling well. My body hurts. But i must acknowledge that my migraines are not as bad as the past two summers😊.Β  I now have very low pulse, severe dizziness on standing and walking. I’m seeing a cardiologist in March. Im struggling with pain management and meds again. Im needing my walker inside and my wheelchair much much more. I am housebound and can’t really go out or do anything without help or carer aid. I’m needing more personal care daily.

Im going through some emotional hurtful stuff as a mother right now and it brings me down and affects my health. Im trying to be strong and compassionate with myself but Im feeling like a failure in so many ways.

Anyway, ive decided to commit more to my blog and less to ig and fb. I will be focussing on my illness and disability as it is such a huge part of my life but Im also going to share the things that truly enhance my being. The things i love bring me so much joy and give me hope and incentive to keep going every day. These things include spending time with my hubby in nature or the gardenπŸ’•, hugging my girls, art, knitting, making things, chatting and sharing creativity with my mum,Β  catching up wiyh my sister, watching podcasts, and patting my bunny. Just listing these things bring happiness into my heart. I find joy in lots of things every day which helps with my feelings of sadness, fear and being a burden.

Brightest blessings to you 🐝🌸🌱🍁🐞

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