This hibiscus flower is a lovely part of summer. I love the flowers that summer brings. That is all I like about summer.

This gruelling weather is relentless. I can’t stand the heat. Don’t get me wrong, I am very appreciative and grateful for having an air conditioner in the lounge room and bedroom but spending day after day inside can be isolating and frustrating. I’ve been struggling with pain in swollen leg, aching back, neck, ribs as well as severe headaches and upper gastric pain, I think from Celebrex anti-inflams. I’ve started back on Lyrica as well and come off Endep, trying as always to reduce prednisone and managing pain relief and other meds. I can’t get an appointment with my GPs.

I am however finding inspiration and contentment in Instagram, Ravelry, reading and knitting. I also love looking at my garden through the windows and some evenings when it gets cooler, Hubby takes me for a drive to the lake. I am so looking forward to autumn. My favourite season. I can feel it coming and am impatient. Grrrrrr.

Blessings and kindness,



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